SEO Power Words

SEO Power Words and Power Phrases are persuasive words that push people to take action – purchase your products, join your email list, contact you or click your article for example.

There are three types of power words.

  1. Seductive
  2. Emotional
  3. Sensory (or visual)

1. Seductive

Just like being seduced, these power words override logical reasoning and compel users to do what you intend. 

2. Emotional

Studies have shown that humans consider emotions when taking action, rather then justify it with logic. There are hundreds of emotions humans can experience, and not all work in the same way. Anger may cause someone to share something, but not purchase a product or a service. Fear, on the other hand, may work oppositely. Emotional curiosity has long been used to drive clicks to articles and capture users to keep reading.

3. Sensory

Sensory words help paint a picture in your readers head. They help trigger a sensory response and make your reader see, hear, smell, taste, or feel your words.

A simple example is how restaurants use sensory words to describe menu items and increase sales.

Where Can You Use a Power Word?

Most of the time, you’d see them in headlines, ads, email subject lines and on landing pages. 

The reason is simple – To get a click. Better clicks mean higher rankings.

It might not seem so, but power words can make or break a headline, which in turn may make or break your business.  


SEO Power Words
Administrator 4 April 2024
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