How do your customers find you?

You should always know how your customers find you

You should always know how your customers find you

Did they use a search engine, find you on social media, an online directory, personal recommendation, no idea?

If you are not tracking your customers, how do you know if your marketing campaign is working?

By understanding where your customers are coming from, you will know if the money you are spending is bringing a good Marketing Return on Investment (ROI), or if you should you be trying new platforms.

How do you track your customers?

  1. Ask! – Simply ask how customers found you and keep a record of the answers.
  2. Google Analytics – see how many website visitors came from social media, organic searches, paid ads, etc.
  3. Tracking pixels – lines of code inserted into your website. You can track visits, ad impressions, conversions, and how customers arrived at your website.
  4. Social Media – Use the insights tool in your social media account to track engagement and click-throughs.

CRM Systems

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can store all information, communications (calls, emails, text messages), documents, quotes, purchases, tasks and meetings associated with each lead and customer. It will allow you to manage your relationships with customers, can help to optimize your sales and marketing tasks and improve customer service.

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How do your customers find you?
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